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"RRose is a brand of the underdogs." When people see the word rose, most would think of the flower and fail to recognize that the word rose also means something else. Rose also means the past tense of "to rise", like you rose up! We rose up against all odds, and grew into a rose from the concrete! Each collection is inspired by a thought, an imagery, or an inspiration that tells a story that people can easily relate to.  - RAY

Ray An is a member of team WHOJUNGWOO who is LA based designer and RRose is his own label. Under the brand RRose many collections have dropped such as RROSE GOLD, THE GOOD IN THE BAD THE BAD IN THE GOOD, THERE IS NO FINISH LINE... and more.

You will be able to meet the 3rd series of Ray's most popular collection "THE GOOD IN THE BAD THE BAD IN THE GOOD" (not the full collection) and sweat shirts from "THERE IS NO FINISH LINE" (You will see why) at Slow Turtle in this upcoming week. (RRose is a special drop. Items will be available first in store only and after 48hours it will be available online)

Image : RROSE

Date : Oct 27, 22

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